February 15, 2012

In Today’s News:

Legalizing drugs won’t prevent abuse (well played).

If you’re looking for a man try Google+.

Alaska and Europe will reach a new business agreement but the US still suffers.

No one and everyone seem to know how to budget tax dollars.

Libyan protesters are really tyrants rebelling against nature to be controlled and have no freedom at all.

Fox News journalist proves he takes writing tips out of English 101 playbook by opening with a quote – so juvenile.

Scottsdale cop remains a tad trigger happy.

Prison overpopulation solution discovered – US inmates become fearful.

Drunk and stupid becomes the best alibi to commit murder.

CBS learns ‘hammered’ and ‘Santorum‘ should never be used in the same headline.

Christians submit to evolution

Market research becomes a new marketing strategy, wait a minute [insert sarcasm here].


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