February 7, 2012

In Today’s News:

While more countries continue to pull out of Syria employees to religious organizations learn to pull out.

In Pennsylvania the only thing students need to pull out is Jackson and Lincoln.

There are way more pull out jokes than the two above.

Karen gets “Handeled.”

Kris Humphries’ marriage was about as real as his basketball career.

Facebook users struggle with choices, must be a good thing only 6% of us see it.

2-year olds are solving murder crimes.

Red Bull stands to lose their wings.

California makes strides to catch up to more developed states (you know like Iowa and Massachusetts).

Disney thinks fairy tales are news worthy.

Soon women will be sent back to the kitchen (or maybe we will send the men this time).

The Super Bowl is taken WAY, WAY, WAY too seriously!

An error in logic led to death of children.

New rubbers, natural scent, role-playing and I’m only talking about eco-friendly children toys.

Healthy living is more important to WalMart than, oh I don’t know… ethics, human morale, the little stuff!

Hell froze over and pigs fly.


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